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Dear Golfing Members,

The Golfing Department will be reinstating the Golf Workshop effective 14 January 2017 (Saturday). This will be an ongoing session that will be held on every 2nd Saturday of the month from 2.30pm to 5pm.

Objectives of the Golf Workshop:                                                     
• Acquaint new golfers with the rules and regulations when golfing
• Equip new golfers with the basic knowledge of Golf Rules and Etiquette
• Prepare new golfers for the Proficiency Certificate (PC) Test and thereafter, qualify to the Courtesy Round for those without a handicap index

After attending the Golf Workshop, new golfers will go through a practical assessment (PC Test) at the Driving Range, available on Weekdays (excluding Public Holidays and/or during tournament days) at 10am or 4pm daily. Thus, it is mandatory for new golfers to attend the Golf Workshop in order to be eligible for the PC Test. Appended below are the relevant fees (subject to prevailing GST):


Golf Workshop Fees
$10 OCC Gold/Silver Members
$15 OCC Social Members
$20 Corporate Union Members
PC Test Fees
$10 OCC Gold/Silver Members
$30 OCC Social Members
$40 Corporate Union Members


For enquiries and registration, please contact Golf Registration at 6750 2102/111.

The Management
Orchid Country Club

Dear Members and Guests,

Please be informed of Peach Garden’s change in operating hours on 28 February 2017 (Tuesday) due to their Staff Dinner & Dance:


Outlets Lunch Dinner
Peach Garden @ OCC 11:30am to 3:00pm
(last order at 2: 30pm)
Peach Garden @ The Greens


Normal operations will resume on 29 February 2017 (Wednesday). 

For enquiries and reservation, please contact Peach Garden at 6759 3833.

Thank you for your understanding and we take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.

The Management
Orchid Country Club

Dear Members and Guests,

As part of our initiative to standardise operations and prevent loss of towels, please be informed that with effect from 10 January 2017 (Tuesday), all users are required to produce their respective Membership or Hotel Guest Card in exchange for the towels at the Gym and Sports Counter.

Each person is entitled to one towel. For OCC Members, an additional towel will be provided upon request, subject to availability. You may collect your card when you return your used towels upon signing out.

For enquiries, please call Sports Counter at 6750 2122, Gym at 6750 2199 or email Thank you for your kind understanding & cooperation.

The Management
Orchid Country Club

Dear Members and Guests,

As part of our continuous effort to upgrade our services to improve your experience, OCC is going through an IT system change with effect from 1 January 2017 (Sunday).

While we will do our best to ensure a smooth transition to the new system, we seek your patience and understanding should there be a longer waiting time for our services during this period.

Thank you.

The Management
Orchid Country Club

Dear Golfing Members,

We are pleased to share that OCC has 150 season passes to give away for the SMBC Singapore Open 2017 taking place from 19 to 22 January 2017 (Thursday to Sunday) at the Serapong Course of Sentosa Golf Club.

Due to limited quantity, passes are available from 23 December 2016 onwards for your collection at the OCC Golf Registration Counter on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that this is only applicable to OCC principal members. Each member is entitled to two season passes only and reservation of passes is not allowed.

For enquiries and collection, please contact the Golfing Department at 6750 2111/2102 or email

We look forward to seeing you at the Club!


Dear Golfing Members,

Please be informed that major aerification and/or hollow-tinning will be carried out on the Aranda Greens from 16 to 18 January 2017 (Monday to Wednesday).


This is essential to reduce soil compaction and encourage healthier turf growth with denser and more resilient Greens. Once the Greens have been cored, the surfaces will be removed of core residues. Sand topdressing will be applied.


Due to the required sand topdressing, golfers may experience bumpy and sandy Green surfaces in the first 3 to 5 days. The affected Greens will recover within three weeks.


We seek your patience and understanding as our course maintenance team peruse with the Greens’ cultural practices.


For enquiries and registration, please contact Golf Registration at 6750 2102/111.

The Management
Orchid Country Club

Dear Members and Guests,


Please be informed of the following closure dates for the Aranda Lounge and Karaoke Rooms:



Closure Dates


Aranda Lounge

16 January 2017 (Monday)

Closed for urgent repair and maintenance works on the dance floor

Aranda Lounge and Karaoke Rooms

19 & 20 January 2017 (Thursday & Friday)

Closed for a private function


As such, Members’ Karaoke Nights on 19 January 2017 (Thursday) will be rescheduled to 17 and 18 January 2017 (Tuesday & Wednesday) while Social Dancing which falls on 20 January 2017 (Friday), regretfully, will be cancelled.


For enquiries, please call Aranda Lounge at 6750 2121 or email Thank you for your kind understanding & cooperation.


The Management
Orchid Country Club

Dear Members and Guests,


The venue for Golf Booking on 20 January 2017 (Friday) will be changed to Par Lounge as Aranda Lounge will be closed for a private event on the aforementioned date.

Kindly proceed to Par Lounge for booking.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you and happy golfing!


The Management
Orchid Country Club

Dear Golfing Members,


With reference to the 2016 Golf Fixtures, 2-ball flights were previously allowed on weekdays at the following tee-timings only (i.e, 7.07am, 8.59am, 12.01pm and 1.53pm).


Moving forward and with immediate effect, pairing will be done for 2-ball flights at the Golf Registration Counter.


In the event where a 2-ball flight cannot be paired, the golfers will be allowed to tee-off only at the last slot of every golfing session on Weekdays only (excluding Public Holidays) as follows:

·         Mornings                                                          

·         Afternoons

·         Evenings

·         Walking

·         Night Golf (Valid on Thursdays only, unless otherwise stated)


For the purpose of safety, a Marshal will accompany the 2-ball flight.


We thank you very much for your attention and cooperation.


At your service,

The Management
Orchid Country Club


In order to accentuate the exclusivity of the members’ carpark, the Club will be installing the Vehicle IU Identification & Detection Car Parking Barrier at the current ingress and egress members’ parking facility located at the basement.

The installation is targeted to complete in April/May 2017. As such, a notification shall be sent to inform members to submit their vehicle IU numbers for input into the new parking system database by 15 March 2017. After the barrier goes into operation, access to the carpark will be via approved In-Vehicle Unit (IU) identification only.

A manual parking barrier system shall also be erected at the Club Main Entrance next to our Security Guard post 1 to manage and control vehicles access into the Club after operating hours to deter unauthorised vehicle access with the exception of Orchid Lodge hotel guests and our tenants.

Below is the floor plan showing the location spots where the barrier system will be setup.



The Management
Orchid Country Club

On 4 August 2016, SGA launched the Centralised Handicapping System (CHS). All members must register at the SGA CHS website at before they can use CHS. If you have not registered, you will not be eligible to compete in any Club competitions. There are two terminals (Golf Registration Counter & Outside the Changing Rooms) at the Club where you can access to CHS.




If you need assistance on registration, please contact OCC Golf Registration at 6750 2111 or Our golfing staff will guide you on how to register for CHS.

During registration, golfers are required to fill in the data requested and indicate that they give consent to their data being collected, used and/or disclosed. This may include their name, gender, golf club(s) of which they are a member, membership number, Handicap Index, scoring records, dates and places of play.

Golfers who have registered will be able to perform all their handicapping activities via multiple channels, including web, their iOS or Android devices and their club’s terminals. With such user friendly options to choose from, posting scores and checking handicaps will be a breeze.

For more information about CHS, please refer to CHS FAQ at SGA website

The Management
Orchid Country Club

Being part of the Labour Movement community, our Greens Committee had initiated OCC to enhance social inclusiveness by allowing the Golf Corporate Union and MGK members to participate in all Club-organised golf events. This initiative was implemented in late 2015.

Therefore, beginning 2016, the Club organised the OCC U Medals (Monthly Series) for these two groups of members. The response for the sign up was well-received but has since gradually slowed down.

As such, to facilitate the logistics planning and players’ pairing by the Golfing Department for the aforementioned event, the Greens Committee will merge both the OCC Monthly Medals and OCC U Medals (Monthly Series) as one event, effective 1 January 2017. The event title will remain as “OCC Monthly Medals”.

For more information, please contact the Golfing Department at 6750 2102/111 or email

We thank you for your continuous support in our events and look forward to tee-ing off with you soon.

The Management
Orchid Country Club

As part of our continuous effort to improve our facilities and services for the benefit and well-being of all golfers, please be informed that the Club has recently installed an ice maker machine at the Golf Clubhouse, next to the buggy bay.

Golfers can now keep themselves well hydrated before and after their games with all-day supply of ice available at your convenience.

With constant upgrading and introduction of new facilities, we are honoured to serve you and will continue to improve the Orchid environment for your enjoyment.


Ice Making Machine Photo (Small)


The Management
Orchid Country Club


As part of our continuous effort to improve our services for the enjoyment of members and visitors, the Club has installed a Notice Board on the planter of the 1st Tee-Boxes of Dendro, Vanda and Aranda courses.

Pertinent information on golfing matters such as Golf Rules & Etiquette, Golf Course Maintenance & Golfing Events have been posted on these notice boards for golfers information and reading pleasure.

With these Notice Boards, we hope to further enhance our communication and efficiency in relaying important information to our members.


GolfCourseNoticeboards01 GolfCourseNoticeboards02 GolfCourseNoticeboards03
Dendro Course Aranda Course Vanda Course


Thank you and happy golfing!

The Management
Orchid Country Club

In our continuing effort to serve you better, our Golf Department has reviewed the current processes and streamlined the “Advance Booking Procedure” for WEEKENDS & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS to ensure an Open and Transparent system for your booking convenience.


When: Every Friday, queue numbers will be issued to members from 3pm onwards for booking of time-sheet for the following weekends and/or public holidays.
Where: Aranda Lounge, 2nd Level – Social Clubhouse. Notification will be shared when there is a change in venue.
How: Booking will commence from 5pm at the Aranda Lounge. For those who miss the queue, booking can be made at the Golf Registration Office from 5.30pm till 7pm. This service will then resume the next day (Saturday) from 6.30am onwards for members to book in person. Phone booking will be available from 9.00am onwards.

All bookings are based on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. All members are required to sign (according to their “official membership signature”) on the time sheet for the tee-off time they have secured to confirm their booking.


sample card








Please be informed that booking will be voided for members who FAIL to comply with this new ruling. Meanwhile, we thank you for your kind understanding and  co-operation on the above matter.

The Management
Orchid Country Club

Recently, there is an increase in the number of dangerous play in the golf course where the golfer took a stroke without ensuring that the flight ahead is out of sight and/or out of range.

Please refer to the OCC Golf Bye-Laws, Golf General Rules (page 12) para 2.3 on Dangerous Play and avoid the following four circumstances to ensure a pleasant golfing experience:

1. Taking a stroke when the players in front are clearly NOT out of range;

2. Taking a stroke without due care and attention to other persons on the course;

3. Failure to shout 'fore' or give warning to other players upon hitting a wayward shot that islikely to cause injury to the persons on the course; and

4. Should the flight ahead be playing at a slower pace, please exercise restraint and patience.

The Club Management takes a serious view on Dangerous Play. Any member who breaches any of the guidelines as set out in the Golf Bye-Laws (Clause 22) will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for further action that may lead to suspension of the member’s golfing privileges.
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


The Management
Orchid Country Club

In view of the recent increase in the number of locally transmitted Zika cases, the Club is on high alert that the humid climate is creating a conducive breeding environment for mosquitoes. The Management is working closely with our pest control partner to eliminate possible breeding habitats and keep the situation under control.  We would like to highlight the following message on Zika virus so that members will be well informed to  take the necessary actions.


The well-being of members and guests during their visits to the Club is our top priority and we will continue our efforts to ensure the situation will improve.

Zika Preventive Measures


The Management
Orchid Country Club

As you know, the Club had invested and installed Strike Guard, an early lightning warning system to enhance the safety of our members, guests, staff and course maintenance crew from the impending dangers of being outdoors during lightning storms. This is a part of the Club’s safety audit and risk mitigation carried out for its golfing, social and recreational facilities. The new monitoring system is certainly an enhancement over the manual handheld system.
Strike Guard employs state-of-the-art technology to address the most demanding lightning safety and equipment protection applications.  The system monitors cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning and provides contact-closure signaling at user-set lightning activity thresholds.  Its patented optical signal processing and proprietary optical-coincidence technology prevent false alarms. 
The advantage of Strike Guard is that it automatically monitors and tracks lightning activities from 32km. Once lightning activity is detected at a pre-set distance, it will trigger a course closure warning early enough to allow golfers to be cleared from our golf course including those who are walking, instead of using buggies. 
After conducting various trials during the initial period, the Club has settled on at least 5km as the closest distance that detection of imminent lightning activity will trigger a course closure automatically.
Thereafter, the system continues to track lightning activity while Golfing staff supplement and closely monitor the system and reopen the course only when it is safe to do so; and after an inspection of the course has been made to ensure that it is in playable condition.
The system is operational between 6 am and 10.59 pm daily.
Meanwhile we wish to thank all members for your patience while the trials were being conducted in the past weeks. We seek your kind understanding as the safety of all members and guests at the Club is of prime concern.
The Management
Orchid Country Club

Please be informed that Orchid Bowl @ OCC will be revising their bowling rates with effect from Friday, 01 April 2016.


Once again, members will be subsidised by the Club, and with the new revised rates, members only have to pay a maximum net increase of 20 cents per game.


Public Rate OCC Member's Rate After Subsidy


(10am to 6pm on weekdays)

$4.30/game $2.40/game


(6pm to closing on weekdays, full day on weekends, PH Eves & PH)

$5.50/game $2.90/game

 *Member’s rates are applicable at Orchid Bowl @ OCC only. Rates are not valid for coaching, leagues, tournaments or corporate events.

The Management
Orchid Country Club

With effect from 1 March 2015, a penalty fee of $500 +7% GST per flight will be imposed for late cancellations/no shows on the golfers who book the flight:

The penalty fee will be charged to golfers who cancel the game with less than 24 hours of notice from the allotted tee-off time or there is a no show on the date of play.

Weekends/Public Holidays
The penalty fee will be charged to golfers who cancel the game with less than 48 hours of notice from the allotted tee-off time or there is a no show on the date of play.

Night Golfing
Night golfing is restricted to once a week and is available only on Thursdays. Golfers who wish to golf on other nights (e.g. Wednesday, Friday or Saturday) may arrange 1 week in advance with the Golf Department, subject to availability and a minimum of eight (8) flights is required.

Similarly the penalty fee will be charged to golfers who cancel the booking with less than 48 hours of notice from the allotted tee-off time or there is a no show on the date of play for night golfing.

Greens Committee
18 February 2015

Dear Members,

Kindly be informed with effect from 1st May 2015, access of individual OCC members to The Grassroots' Club facilities will be capped at 14 times per year and vice versa. This is due to a change in the access arrangement between Orchid Country Club and The Grassroots' Club.

For more details of The Grassroots' Club, visit:

Thank you.

The Management
Orchid Country Club


As part of the Club’s efforts to enhance your membership value and in response to members’ feedback, we have recently added more local reciprocal and access clubs. We are pleased that there is overwhelming response from usage of these new affiliations.

Nevertheless, to ensure that all golfing members enjoy the playing privileges at our local affiliated clubs, kindly note the following:

• Golfing Gold and Silver members are allowed to book only one slot per month at local reciprocal and access clubs.

• Should there be available slots 48 hours before; the booking will then be open to members who have already booked in the month.

For booking of slots and enquiry of availability, please call 6750 2111 or email