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Social & Recreation

OCC's Sports Interest Groups:


- Bowling Interest Group

- Darts Interest Group (Orchid Bulls)

- Pool Interest Group (OCC Black 8)

- Tennis Interest Group

- Table Football Interest Group

- Running Interest Group

- Rummy-O Interest Group

- Scuba Diving

- Swimming


Click here to view the full programme schedule.


For enquiries, please call Sports Counter at 6750 2122 or email


In collaboration with Table Football Association of Singapore (TFAS)
Flick to kick! Head on down to the Sports Hub on a Sunday and relive this popular table sports game of the 1970s and 1980s.  Come join us on alternate Sundays to experience the world of miniature football at your finger tips! The Singapore Table Football Premier League is on-going and is held at least once or twice a month on Sundays.


Date :  Sundays
Time : 10:00am to 4:00pm
Sports Hub (beside gym)


Please call John at 6750 2119 or Alex at 6750 2164 for more information or you can visit

The S&R Team will be running a bi-monthly Pool & Billiards competition at the Aranda Lounge’s Pool section. The format of play will be based on a knock-out system. There will be standings/placings displayed after every round of weekly competitions. Champions of the week stand to win $100 worth of NTUC FairPrice and KTV vouchers.

    OCC Bi-monthly Challenge, 7:30pm to 11pm
Date : 26 September, Monday
Venue : The Pool section @ Aranda Lounge


Our upcoming yoga classes will be conducted by The Yoga Boutique. Many of The Yoga Boutique’s classes are based on Hatha Yoga, a system of exercises that builds physical and mental strength, focusing on body alignment.


Hatha Yoga


Date : Every Saturday
Time : 9am - 10am
Venue : Lifestyle Studio



Fees*: $150(OCC), $160 (NTUC), $180 (Guest)

* Fees are for 12 lessons and subjected to prevailing GST.

For registration and enquiries, please call 6750 2199 or email


The Social & Recreation (S&R) Department has initiated a running group at Orchid Country Club!

Sign up for the OCC Running Group and receive a limited edition OCC Running Tank Top!

Put on your running shoes and let’s RUN...


Every Tuesday starting 7 Jan 2014
Time : 6.30pm
Routes : Yishun vicinity (to be confirmed)
Meeting Point : Squash Court


For enquiries, please contact John at 6750 2119 or Alex at 6750 2164 or email

Let our personal trainers help you get into shape! With close supervision and professional guidance, we will help you meet your fitness goals.


Personal Training Packages


  OCC Member NTUC Member Guest
2 months
(10 sessions)
  $75 (Per Session)
$750 (Total)
$85 (Per Session)
$850 (Total)
$90 (Per Session)
$900 (Total)
4 months
(20 sessions)
: $70 (Per Session)
$1400 (Total)
$80 (Per Session)
$1600 (Total)
$85 (Per Session)
$1700 (Total)


*All fees are subject to prevailing GST.

For enquiries and
registration, please call Gym at 6750 2199 or email

Easy step-by-step lessons are conducted by award-winning Chief Coach, Jasmine Koh from Risenwushu. Join us in this holistic, healthy, and rewarding exercise now!


Beginner Level

Date  : Every Sunday

Time: 1pm to 2.30pm


Intermediate level
: Every Friday Date : Every Sunday
Time : 10am - 11.30am Time : 10.30am to 12pm


Advanced Level
: Every Sunday
Time : 9.00am to 10.30am


Fees*: $200 (OCC member), $205 (NTUC member), $210 (Guest)

*Fees are for 12 lessons and are subjected to prevailing GST. Attire is not included.


Individual's difficulty level will be determined by the instructors. Classes are subject to changes by instructors.

For enquiries and
registration, please call Gym at 6750 2199 or email

Dancing is a fun way of self-expression. Coupled with elements of aerobic, Zumba is a dance fitness that engages participants of all ages to move to the rhythm of beats with simple steps and coordination. Twist, shake and groove, and get yourself in shape today!


Instructor : Sandy Tan Jannifer Chen Susan Koh
: Thu Mon Thur Wed
Time : 9am - 10am 7.30pm – 8.30pm 7.30pm – 8.30pm 7pm - 8pm
Fees : $95 (OCC Mbr)  $90 (OCC Mbr) $9.35 per session (OCC Mbr
  : $100 (NTUC Mbr) $95 (NTUC Mbr) $11.25 per session (NTUC Mbr)
  : $105 (Guest) $100 (Guest) $14.05 per session (Guest)
All lessons will be conducted at Lifestyle Studio

Classes are subject to changes by instructor. All fees are subject to prevailing GST.

Participants are required to sign up for 8 lessons per term.

For enquiries and
registration, please call Gym at 6750 2199 or email

Martial Arts Special

Be trained in traditional martial arts for various reasons, including self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, as well as mental and spiritual development. Sign up and reap the physical and psychological benefits of Martial Arts training under the guidance of our experienced instructors.


Day Every Friday
Time : 7.30pm - 9pm
Fees : $105 (OCC), $110 (NTUC), $115 (Guest)
    Cost of attire is not included.
     Fees are for 12 sessions (3 months per term) and are subject to GST.
Day : Every Saturday
Time : 3pm - 4.15pm
Fees : $135 (OCC), $140 (NTUC), $150 (Guest)
    Fees are for 3 months and are subject to GST.
: Every Wednesday, 7.30pm - 8.30pm
&Time : Every Sunday, 12pm - 1pm
Fees : $180(OCC), $190(NTUC), $200(Guest)
    Fees are for 10 sessions per term and
    subject to prevailing GST.


New Interest Group for Cycling Enthusiasts!

Let’s hit the road for cycling! OCC and Ace Sports Group have launched a new interest group which is also the perfect sport to hook up and make friends with fellow cycling enthusiasts! Join us for a cycling session over  the weekend! Free for all OCC members!


For registration and enquiries, please email to or contact S&R department at 6750 2122.


Challenge yourself to a 12 weeks sports program at OCC. OCC has the ideal location with its own Olympic Pool, Gym; and the cycling route along Seletar Reservoir Park and Seletar Airport is a hot spot among local cyclists.

Sign up now and work out with team mates to hone your skills and keep yourself going in active sports!


Tri Newbie (12 Weeks Program)
Date :  Every Sunday
Time : 5pm – 6.30pm
Pre-requisites : Must be able to swim 200m,

: cycle 10km and run 2km
Bonus : Swim stroke analysis with video 
    recording worth $150
Master Swim (12 Weeks Program)
Date : Every Wednesday & Friday 
    starting 13 March 2013
Time : 7.30pm – 9pm
Pre-requisites : Must be able to swim 500m
Fees* : $270
Swim better freestyle (12 Weeks Program)
Date : Every Sunday, 
    starting 10 March 2013
Time : 4pm – 5pm
Pre-requisites : Must be able to swim 100m
Fees* : $270


*Fees are subjected to prevailing GST

For registration and enquiries, please call 6750 2122 or email