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Social & Recreation

Take a dip in our three swimming pools.
Towels can be obtained at the Recreation Counter at the Recreational Clubhouse, Level 1,

Bunker Pool

Hotel, Level 1


Recreation Clubhouse, Level 1

Olympic Pool

Recreation Clubhouse Level 1

Operating Hours:

7.00am – 9.00pm daily


OCC Junior Swimming Programmes (4 - 12 years old)


Name of Programme Duration of Training Frequency of Training Price
Bottlenose (Beginner) 45 minutes Once a Week $70 $75 $80
Twice a Week $95 $100 $105
Risso (Advanced Beginner) 60 minutes Once a Week $70 $75 $80
Twice a Week $95 $100 $105
Dusky (Elementary) 75 minutes Once a Week $80 $85 $90
Twice a Week $100 $105 $110
Competitive 120 - 180 minutes 4 - 5 Trainings a Week $130 $135 $140

 Registration is now open.


*An annual administration fee of $50 and a deposit of $50 (except for swimmers who are in Bottlenose and Risso) are applicable for every new sign-up. Swimmers who wish to withdraw from the YSS Swim Team would have to do so in writing at least one month prior to their last lesson. Failing which, the $50 deposit would not be refunded. Swimmers who wish to rejoin the YSS Swim Team would have to pay a reinstatement fee of $20.


Download registration forms below:

Competitive Swimming
OCC Members
NTUC Members


Recreation Swimming
OCC Members
NTUC Members



AquaDucks Swimming Programme (6 months and above)

aquaDucksTM is a child centered programme that puts love and personal care as the most important factor in their swimming programme. Let your child share the early precious moments of their lives in the water. aquaDucksTM consists of a gentle programme involving songs, toys, demonstrations and celebrations.

Fees : $346.68 (OCC), $365.94 (NTUC & ACC), $385.20 (Guest)
Day/Time : Saturday, 9am – 12pm & 1.30pm – 3pm
  Sunday, 9am – 12pm
Babies : 6 – 36 months
Preschool : 3 – 4 years old
Learn to Swim : 4 years and above

*Swimmers are billed on a per term basis which consists of 12 weeks.


Click here for full swimming schedule and fees.

For registration and enquiries, please email to or contact S&R department at 6750 2182.


What is Quattor Swim School about?
“Quattor” simply refers to “The 4 Strokes of Swimming”. By focusing on the fundamentals skills of swimming, it is the perfect place to start your child’s swimming journey. Quattor Swim School offers learn-to-swim programmes for children aged 3 ½ onwards.

Day & Time:
Mondays to Fridays (except Wednesdays)
Timing 1: 5pm to 6pm
Timing 2: 6pm to 7pm

Rates per Month*:

$70 (OCC/ ACC member)
$75 (NTUC member)
$80 (Guest)

Term starts on 6 February 2017. Each term comprises of 15 weeks.

* Rates inclusive of prevailing GST.

For more information, please contact Sports Counter at 6750 2122 or email