The new golf booking rules and regulations that take effect on 1 Oct 2020 emanated from feedback and suggestions from members in regard to improving the booking process and service standards. These new measures are not cast in stone; we will continue to keep ourselves open to members’ feedback and suggestions, closely monitor the impact of these measures, conduct continual reviews of our booking processes, and refine these measures accordingly as we move along. We greatly appreciate members’ patience and understanding.

1. Why is there a need for a penalty system?

A penalty system will act as a much-needed deterrent. The main problem we have currently is that slots are not utilised due to recurrent cases of multiple bookings, late cancellation, last-minute changes, and no-show. With too many golfers competing for limited slots, there is a need to stop golfers from depriving others of an opportunity to secure a flight.

We will review these new rules as we go along and refine them to better manage the booking system. A committee has been formed to source for a suitable vendor to work on rolling out a reliable, fair and robust online booking system in time to come. We endeavour to provide a seamless and smooth user experience with the automated system as it will help to alleviate the problem of wasted flights due to last-minute changes.

2. Can I avoid the penalty as long as I change the Main Booker (MB) or cancel my flight more than 72 hours before the date of play?

With the implementation of the new rules and regulations, changes made before 72 hours will still warrant a penalty. Please refer to the penalty table below for easy reference:

a. If one of my flight mates is not able to play, can I change to another member within 72 hours without penalty?

There will be no penalty if an OCC member is replaced by another OCC member. However, if there is a high frequency of such replacements, the Management must intervene and further refine the rules.

b. Is there a penalty if I am unable to find a replacement?

Yes, there will be a cancellation penalty imposed within 72 hours.

3. Why am I only allowed to book one tee time?

Due to reduced tee times since the Club reopened on 19 June 2020, the Main Booker is only allowed to book one tee time. The Club will review this rule and will update members if there will be further restrictions.

4. I am the Main Booker on Saturday. Can I still play on Sunday as a player?

No, you are not allowed to play twice on a weekend.

5. Why is the Club not allowing members to make changes to the players up to 3 days before the date of play?

The Club has previously allowed cancellation or changes to flights up to 48 hours without charges, resulting in golfers holding on to the tee times and often releasing them to their own friends or cancel before 48 hours to avoid penalty charges. With only a 2-day notice, it was difficult for other Members on the waitlist to take up these flights. Such penalties are put in place to prevent abuse of the system and to ensure that more members can play golf in OCC.

6. As Main Bookers, my friend and I booked one flight each with 3 balls in a flight. After 2 days, one of our flight mates cancelled. Can I request to pair up the 2 flights?

Since the cancellation is done before the penalty kicks in, there will be no charge. The Club will pair up the 2-ball flight to make 1 flight. However, if there is a 1-ball submission on the day of allocation, the Club reserves the right to slot in the 4th ball into either of the flights.

7. I submitted my booking exactly at 9am and my booking submission acknowledgement states 9am too. Why was I given a later tee time / Why am I still on the waitlist?

The booking responses we received are sorted by timestamp, and all successful submissions are allocated fairly based on a first-come, first-served basis. Bookers can see the timestamp up to the minute (HH:MM) in their submission acknowledgement. However, our administrators are able to view the submission time right down to the second (HH:MM:SS) when the bookings are received. There were other submissions received earlier than your submission. Hence, you were given a later tee time/put on the waitlist when the booking sheet was filled up.

8. If a player is available for play on either Saturday or Sunday and wants to increase his/her chances of securing a flight on weekends, can the same player be listed in one booking for both Saturday and Sunday? Depending on the outcome of the bookings, the player will then choose to play on just one of the two days.

Each member is allowed to play only once on a weekend. If the Club received a duplicate submission for Saturday and Sunday, both flights will be automatically cancelled.

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