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The Dendro Course (Par 36, 3125m – blue tee, 2861m – white tee & 2678m – red tee) was the first 9-hole to be completed in September 1993. The fairways are wide making golf an enjoyable game for many new enthusiasts. Some of the greens are undulating and huge, measuring an average of 700 to 900 square meters.



  • DENDRO 1
  • DENDRO 2
  • DENDRO 3
  • DENDRO 4
  • DENDRO 5
  • DENDRO 6
  • DENDRO 7
  • DENDRO 8
  • DENDRO 9

dendro 1

The starting hole is a long undulating Par 5 and allows the long hitters plenty of space. The fairly wide fairway, although with OB on the left, gives the high handicappers sufficient confidence. The trees along the right side of the fairway do not pose too many problems. The fairway bunkers do not really come into play unless some really way-ward shots take you there. The slightly elevated green is well protected with fairly deep bunkers on left and right fronts.

dendro 2

A short tight Par 4 hole, playing from raised tee boxes down to a short and relatively narrow fairway with a lonepalm tree left of centre. The OB and ‘jungle’ on the left and a sharp drop on the right down to the buggy path could create problems for careless shots. Long hitters would have very little left to the green, which drops off to the rear and the right sharply. The green is well protected on the right front and the right side with bunkers. A grass hollow to the rear of the green helps save those who tend to overshoot the green slightly.

dendro 3

A very long, interesting and challenging Par 5, which plays across water from the back tee. Your drive will take you down to a narrow fairway, which slopes right to the left but it drops very suddenly along the right edge to the tree-lined adjacent 5th and 6th holes. You will need to lay up your second shot. An elevated green with deep bunkers forward around it could be a little tricky for the shot if you do not obtain sufficient height and backspin. The toughest hold on the course.

dendro 4

One of the longest but fairly flattish Par 3 with a well-protected large green, which slopes a little to the rear. Does not pose problems to the average golfer.

dendro 5

A medium length Par 4 hole on the return journey to the Clubhouse with a beautiful clear water of the reservoir along the entire left side of the hole. Does not favour ‘hookers’ but a slight draw could position you well in the centre of the fairway away from the trees on the right. Bunkers on the right and a deep hollow left of the green force you to be fairly accurate.

dendro 6

A short Par 5 that is cut in two by water. A large fairway bunker on the left and deep bunker on the right demand accuracy as the second crosses the water. An accurate second is required as another huge bunker comes into play on the left and the green is offset from left to right with protection from twin bunkers on the right and left of the green.

dendro 7

Aim the drive at the clocktower on the Clubhouse. This should set you up above the green. The green is protected by deep bunkers on both sides.

dendro 8

A medium length Par 3 not favouring ‘hookers’ because of the reservoir or the ‘slicers’ for whom sand awaits on the right of the green.

dendro 9

While standing on the tee, with the Clubhouse in the fore ground, one would be gorgiven for thinking that this Par 4 would easily allow one to get on in “one”. It is the shortest Par 4 but the uphill approach, the raised, partly blind green and the sand traps might give your heart a little flutter. Best to lay up and then have a ‘go’ at the huge rolling green with a short iron.