Golf Courses


Orchid Country Club members may obtain their Handicap or PC right here at the Club.

A Handicap Certificate will enable you to play at all golf courses.

Prerequisites to qualify for a Handicap Test are:

  • Golfing members of Orchid Country Club (Individual/Corporate/WTGM).
  • Have attended the Golf Workshop.
  • Have submitted a minimum of ten 9-hole scorecards or five 18-hole scorecards for handicap computation showing a maximum handicap index of 24.9 for men & 36.0 for ladies.
  • Home Club must be OCC. (Corporate Union)

To pass the Handicap Test, candidates must:

  • Be able to score 52 or less (for men) & 58 or less (for ladies) for the 9-hole test.
  • Have the ability to pitch, chip & putt.
  • Have sufficient knowledge of Golf Rules & display proper Golf Etiquette.

The golf Proficiency Certificate enables you to play at Orchid Country Club on weekdays and in the evening of weekends/public holidays.

A Golf Workshop will be held to acquaint you with the requirements for the PC Test and thereafter, the Handicap Test. It is also to provide you with the basic knowledge of Golf Rules and Golf Etiquette. Through the workshop, you will be better equipped for the tests. The tests are usually scheduled on the second Saturday of alternate month. To find out about the upcoming class schedules, please check with the Golfing Department at 6750 2102.

After attending the Golf Workshop, you will have to pass a written theory test. The PC test is conducted on weekdays at the Driving range at 10am and 4pm daily. Those interested are advised to book a test date early by calling Golf Registration at 6750 2102. Please refer to the table below for pricing on Golf Workshop and PC.

To pass the PC Test, candidates must:

  • be able to hit the ball reasonably well and get it airborne using different clubs for distances of 30m, 50m, 100m, and 150m. For each distance, three out of five balls must be airborne.
  • Have sufficient knowledge of Golf Rules & display proper Golf Etiquette.

Members will enjoy greater convenience golfing at Orchid Country Club (OCC) and Marina Bay Golf Course (MBGC)! Proficiency Certification from Star Golf Academy at MBGC will now be recognized by OCC and vice-versa.

The following Golf Workshop and Proficiency Certification rate will apply:



Now, your Handicap update is just a mouse-click away! Click below to download the CHS application.