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The Vanda Course is a Par 36 (3043m – blue tee, 2761m – white tee & 2485 – red tee). Despite being the shortest of the three courses, it offers challenging course management with abundant water hazards. Accuracy is a premium here. Good examples would be holes 6, 7 and 8. be completed in September 1993. The fairways are wide making golf an enjoyable game for many new enthusiasts. Some of the greens are undulating and huge, measuring an average of 700 to 900 square meters.



  • VANDA 1
  • VANDA 2
  • VANDA 3
  • VANDA 4
  • VANDA 5
  • VANDA 6
  • VANDA 7
  • VANDA 8
  • VANDA 9

vanda 1

The Vanda 1st serves up a captivating view of the reservoir, oneof many that the golfer cannot fail to encounter. Long hitters should lay up before the channel, which sides up on the left. A drive to the right gives the golfer a good line for the second shot. The third shot to the elevated green with three monstrous greenside bunkers requires good judgment and clubbing.

vanda 2

A bunker on the left and a bunker on the right mark the edges of the fairway for this ‘blind’ tee shot. A raised green protected by a bunker front right can make the second shot very imposing

vanda 3

Playing back to the clubhouse, the tee shot is a testing 180m to the edge if water 30m across. A fairly confident hit is needed to carry the water but beware of the fairway which runs steeply down the front edge and as steeply up the far edge. Safely across, the approach to the green is straightforward with bunkers left but rarely in play.

vanda 4

Off the black tee, it is a 170m long carry over water with two bunkers beyond the channel on the right coming into play. The approach shot must be firmly played uphill to a green fronted by a large bunker guarding almost the whole width of the fairway.

vanda 5

There is plenty of green to work on for this is the largest green on the Vanda nine. As this is a three club green, it is a great test of club selection.

vanda 6

The view is so lovely here, one soon forgets the bad putt which you have just made. With the wind assisting, this is one short Par 4 the long hitter can drive. Try for birdies here. However, an overlong approach can invite a sheer drop into the reservoir beyond the green.

vanda 7

Part of this fairway sits on reclaimed land and is flanked all the way on the left by the reservoir. Drive down the middle. A riskier shot to the mound on the left rewards the golfer with a clear shot to the gree. Going right means an approach over a large bunker protecting the green.

vanda 8

Straight forward birdie hole Take a driver down the right to avoid the left fairway bunker, from this position you have a short iron to a wide but shallow green which slopes from back to front.

vanda 9

Take a driver down the left hand side of fairway as a fairway bunker guards the right portion of the fairway. From this position the long hitters can take a fairway metal/long iron to the centre of the green. The shorter hitters must lay up short of the bunker guarding the front of the green, from this position a short iron or pitch is required to an elevated green. You may need to take an extra club.