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The Vanda Course is a Par 36 (3075m – blue tee, 2811m – white tee & 2537 – red tee). Despite being the shortest of the three courses, it offers challenging course management with abundant water hazards. Accuracy is a premium here. The fairways are wide making golf an enjoyable game for many new enthusiasts. Some of the greens are undulating and huge, measuring an average of 700 to 900 square meters.


As you start off, an elevated tee will welcome you. There is a wide fairway that gives you a ample space for a good drive. The perfect tee shot to the middle of the fairway will leave you with a gentle dogleg left to the green. But beware of the bunkers that are guarding the undulating green that seek to entrap you.

This green is over 1300sqm. Mid-iron shots need to find the proper landing or you may find yourself in the new bunkers that are guarding the green. For birdie hunters, if the pin is at the back left, you will risk ending up in the reservoir.

The odd-shaped trees at the greens that used to flank the floodlight have been removed. As you approach, the new landscaping features comprising of coconut trees welcome you. But do not be distracted as the green has been reshaped with bunkers guarding it, making it more challenging than previous.

The bunkers have merged and the greens reshaped. Your tee-off will be critical as the catch basin has been placed strategically to catch errant shots. One wrong move and your ball will either land in the water or bunker!

An enlarged 2 tier Green greets you and the undulating green is unforgiving. Therefore, precision and accuracy are key, else you will end up with bogeys.

The lone tree on this hole has been removed and the fairway is wide open, and within reach for many players. Trouble comes when the ambitious player overdrives his tee shot and end up in the water hazard.

New bunkers have been created to guard the green and the green has been pushed back and is nearer to the water. For the overzealous, you will need to ensure that you keep your drive in-check or else you will overshoot the green and land in the water.

The bunker on the left has been removed and a new bunker on the right has been created and enlarged. This is to address safety concerns as there were tee-offs that went to V7 tee box. The undulating greens are unforgiving and will require you exhibit your skills to overcome them.

When you approach, you will be able to see the green but don’t be fooled by it cause it’s a tiered. The green has been reshaped and elevated. As per other holes, a misjudgment or misreading of the green will cause your ball to miss it’s intended target.