At Orchid Country Club, membership has its privileges. The sprawling 100-hectare plays host to three clubhouses, a top rate golf course, as well as a wonderland of social, recreational and entertainment facilities to cater to all your business and leisure needs.

Our members enjoy extended golfing privileges beyond Singapore as the Club has extensive reciprocal and access arrangements with over 90 reputable clubs in more than 20 countries spanning 5 continents of Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Membership Categories

The Club offers various categories of membership to cater to different needs of individuals and corporations. Most of our golfing and social memberships are family memberships and the member’s spouse and children under the age of 21 can be enrolled as dependent members.

If you wish to experience what OCC has to offer for a limited period of time, the term memberships will be ideal for you. With options for individuals or corporations, the term membership avails the member to Club privileges over a period of one year. Gain access to the Club amenities, with all-day golfing privileges.

For purchase or sale of memberships, please contact our Membership Department at
6750 2123 or email membership@orchidclub.com

Membership Transfer Procedures

1. Before you transfer your membership
The transferor (existing member) must find a buyer for the membership and ensure that the transferee (prospective member) satisfies the respective requirements for an Individual/Foreign/and Corporate Local/Foreign membership.

2. Where to obtain your membership transfer form
Kindly obtain a copy of the membership transfer form from the Hotel Reception. You can also call the Membership Department at 6750 2123 or e-mail us at membership@orchidclub.com for the form to be sent to you.

3. Submission of transfer from

(a) All transfers must be submitted to the Membership Department by the 7th of every month for it to take effect on the
first day of the following month. Any transfers submitted after the closing date will be processed the following month
and the transferor will remain liable for the subscription fees for that month.

(b) The transferor has to return all membership articles (i.e. membership cards, car park labels & golf bag tags). Any items
not returned will be charged as lost items.

(c) The transferor has to settle his/her outstanding balance and submit a crossed cheque for the payment of the transfer fee, made payable to “Orchid Country Club”.

(d) The transferee has to submit copy/copies of marriage certificate, NRIC of each family member, birth certificate(s) of child/children (above 12 & below 21 years of age) and three colour passport-sized photos of each family member.

4. Approval of Transfer of Membership by General Committee.

(a) All applications are subjected to the approval of the General Committee and upon payment of a transfer fee. The General Committee’s decision is final. will be processed the following month and the transferor will remain liable for the subscription fees for that month.

(b) Upon approval of the transfer, the Club will send approval letters to both the transferor and transferee by the first day of the effective month. The Club shall not accede to any request that will delay or deter the transfer.


(a) Members who are transferring and sourcing for their own buyers must agree on the membership transaction price before submitting their applications to the Club. Members should inform prospective buyer in advance whether the transaction price is inclusive or exclusive of transfer fees.

(b) In accordance with the Club’s Constitution Article 4, 4.4(b), the applicant if required by the Proprietor shall be proposed and seconded by two existing members of the Club.

(c) The Club will not be involved in any dispute between the transferor and transferee and will not be liable for any loss whatsoever, or howsoever brought upon by the transfer.

(d) Any applications that do not meet the requirements will not be processed.

Warning against Senator Golf Enterprise

We would like to warn members against entering into any transactions with Senator Golf Enterprises when planning to sell their membership. Complaints have been lodged by some members against this company. Members are advised to be vigilant when planning to transact through this agent.

  • Agent:
    Henry Gan
  • Address:
    Senator Golf Enterprises
    380 Sims Ave Eastern Lodge Unit 394A Singapore 387531
  • Tel:
    6749 3858
  • Fax:
    6749 0993